The services provided by GGS Packaging Group are used by many types of businesses. Below are a just a few examples of how our Prepress, Graphics Services, and Printing/Packaging Services are able to be applied to your company, saving you time and money.

Private Labelers

We maintain your brand look while verifying all your files are print ready. We provide cost effective label services to all companies, no matter how small or large.

Food and Beverage Companies

Rolling out new products in a timely manner is important. We can shorten the time and lessen the costs, so your products start making you money.

Manufacturers and Retailers

We work within your product schedule to guarantee that your packaging is distributed on time. Our quality assurance processes confirm that files are done correctly so you avoid any downtime.


The printers with whom we work enjoy our full-service prepress services because our quality and timely turnaround keeps their presses running on schedule. We will make certain that supplied packaging materials are to your specifications.

Ad Agencies and Design Studios

We take your design and branding and create CTP files for all types of printing specifications. We take care in ensuring that your designs are not disturbed while giving you peace of mind that they are ready for print.
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