GGS Packaging Group offers a wide variety of prepress services to ensure that your products appear their best when on display. While a designer is tasked with creating ways to get your products noticed, GGS Packaging Group makes certain that the specifications are followed when delivered to your preferred printer. Our streamlined prepress processes guarantee that you receive the greatest quality and most cost effective product.

Flexography (Flexo) Printing

Plastic, foil, paper, corrugated paper, acetate… these are just a few of the materials used with the flexographic printing process. GGS Packaging Group creates Computer to Print (CTP) files for your products’ packaging from the box in which they are shipped to the box in which your product comes and the label that surrounds it.

Offset Printing

This is one of the most common types of printing. When you are printing large volumes of marketing materials, you need to make sure that your CTP files are 100% correct before sending them to the printer. Let us make sure you’re covered.

Stochastic Printing

A process of randomly distributed dots, stochastic screening is the predominant screening method used in digital printing as well as offset to eliminate the potential of a moire’ pattern from occurring. We make the needed density and tonal corrections to comply with industry standards.

Digital Printing

Decide on the faster and more cost effective route of digital printing? The digital process uses supplemental colors beyond the conventional four-color process. Thereby matching very closely to the designers use of Pantone colors when designing. The Digital Printing process can print up to 1200dpi for sharp type and crisp images.

Color Management

Your color scheme makes your brand. With the many types of printing available, you want to be sure that your images are proofed correctly so that they keep their color profile across all types of printing. We proof your labels and packaging so that it maintains the look that your customer base notices.
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